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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How does San Arbor differ from traditional hiring services?

Traditionally, the employer searches for, qualifies, and hires new employees, or pays an agency to do all that work for them.  San Arbor separates these functions into three programs based on providing qualified applicants, prescreening candidates before you meet them, or managing the entire process from job posting to start date.

2.  Why are San Arbor’s programs so affordable?

Because San Arbor is always hiring we purchase advertising, and access to resume databases on over 15 Job Boards and Social Media sites.

3.  What is the difference between In-house, Search Firms and Agency recruiting?

An in-house Recruiter can add $80K to payroll, along with $40K in software and $20K in Job Board Subscriptions.  Agencies, who have the software and advertising, would charge $12K in fees for a $60,000 offer.

4.  What is an Applicant Tracking System?

An ATS helps track applicants, manage job postings, schedule interviews, process offers, run backgrounds, and collect onboarding documents. Basic platforms start at $40K a year, not including installation fees, training & updates.

5.  Why don’t I just post the jobs myself?

Job Board posts average $400 a week and can take 6-8 weeks to hire someone.  At $2,400 per hire, you still create the job description, add screening questions, review applications, schedule interviews, make offers, run backgrounds, and hope they show up for work. 

6. How are programs billed?

On-Demand programs are based on a signed Statement of Work (SOW) and paid upfront.  Subscription Based programs use a Service Agreement with payments paid monthly, over the agreed terms.

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