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When you engage San Arbor Associates, I will use over 25 years of success in competitive markets and challenging economies to provide you with the services needed to run and grow your business.

From searching for and qualifying the best talent to advice and solutions on the hiring processes.  This includes a sound strategy, efficient workflows, policies and communications, interview best practices, employment branding, offer strategy, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) optimization that best fit your business.


As a niche search firm, San Arbor Associates focuses on a limited number of candidate searches at a time and only within building services and facility maintenance.

With over 30,000 resumes and a rich network of industry contacts, I can provide qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.


Hiring is a process that must be efficient, flexible and scalable to be successful.

San Arbor Associates can review and create solutions to improve workflows, policies, strategies, performance tracking, interviewing, and more to compete for and hire the best talent in the market.


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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) manage and track hiring needs, postings, and the candidate journey.

As the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on many of these platforms since starting my career in 1996, I can review your needs, and create the best solution for your business.

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